About Red Collar

Red Collar Prints welcomes pet lovers of all species and breeds. Because we're pet owners ourselves, we know how important these four-legged friends are to you. Why not decorate your house with something other than their chew toys? Just think of how many photos of your uncle Bob you have around your house. Shouldn't Fido and Fluffy finally get their day?

Prints are created by graphic designer Tim Nickerson. His funky, pop art style coupled with your pet's charming mug results in a truly fun and unique piece that will last a lifetime. While Tim is the brawn of this operation, Brandy Washington is the brain. You can blame her for all of the corny jokes littered throughout the site, but rest assured she'll answer all of your questions and process your order in a jiff.

Thanks again for visiting our site; we hope you'll find it wag-nificent! Too much? We thought so, but don't hold it against us. Dig in and enjoy!

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